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Merlin Nexus
Offices: New York, New York
The Merlin Nexus Funds invest in growth segments of the healthcare industry, with an emphasis on product-driven life sciences companies developing breakthrough therapeutics for clinical needs, positively altering disease course and associated costs. Their funds distinguish themselves from traditional healthcare or life science venture funds by the relatively high liquidity of their investments and by the short 5-year maturity of their funds.
Meruelo Group
Offices: Downey, California
With roots dating to 1986, the Meruelo Group is a minority-owned and operated holding company with vested interests in construction and engineering and affiliated interests in real Estate, food Services and private equity. Through their executive team and its broad base of experience in diverse industries, the Meruelo Group provides its family of companies with strategic vision and tools, setting them apart and beyond their industry peers.
Merus Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Merus Capital in 2007 to support the next generation of software and Internet entrepreneurs. Merus is an early-stage venture capital firm with a typical initial investment size ranging from $500,000 to $2,500,000. Merus is often a company's first institutional investor and believe in a collaborative approach to business-building. They expect to be active investors and portfolio company supporters. In the evaluation of any investment opportunity, they strive for transparency and open communication.
Mesa Verde Venture Partners
Offices: San Diego, California
Mesa Verde Venture Partners is a life sciences venture capital fund founded in 2006. Mesa Verde Venture Partners' charter is to invest in a diversified portfolio of early-stage biotechnology and medical technology companies in the Southwest. Areas of focus include drug discovery/tools, medical devices and diagnostics and healthcare information technology.


Mesirow Financial
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Since 1982, Mesirow Financial's Private Equity division has invested in the private equity marketplace for a variety of institutional and high net worth clients. Over this time period, they have successfully developed diversified private equity portfolios for their clients by serving as general partner of numerous direct investment and fund of funds partnerships. Through these vehicles, Mesirow Financial has invested in hundreds of companies.
Metalmark Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Metalmark Capital is a leading private equity firm with over 20 years of experience. They manage both their own funds and the Morgan Stanley Capital Partners funds, on a sub-advisory basis. Over the years, the work they've done with their portfolio companies has led them to develop extensive knowledge of, and deep experience in, a variety of core sectors: energy/natural resources, healthcare, industrials and financial services.
Metamorphic Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Metamorphic Ventures invests in start up or very early stage technology companies. They focus on cutting edge technology that leverages a product strategy into a distinct competitive advantage that is sustainable for the anticipated life cycle of the venture. The technology is often solving a current market need in a convergent or novel manner. Frequently the competitive advantage is achieved by providing higher value at lower costs.
Metric Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Capital efficient startups represent a sea-change in the startup landscape. Because it is possible to put real product into the market, and collect real user metrics, without the need to raise millions of dollars of venture capital, there is finally an opportunity for intrepid entrepreneurs to go show the world that their idea has merit. Metric Ventures seeks to be the catalyst to take those companies to the next level.


Metropolitan Capital Advisors
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Since 1992, Metropolitan Capital Advisors has specialized in arranging debt and equity capital for commercial real estate on behalf of developers, investors and owners. As a financial intermediary, the firm provides their clients with unbiased recommendations and solutions to help you reach new heights and ensure continued growth.
Metropolitan Capital Advisors
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Since 1992, Metropolitan Capital Advisors has specialized in arranging debt and equity capital for commercial real estate on behalf of developers, investors and owners. As a financial intermediary, the firm provides their clients with unbiased recommendations and solutions to help you reach new heights and ensure continued growth.
MFC Capital Funding
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
MFC Capital Funding provides a full range of leveraged finance products to the lower segment of the middle market, all delivered through a single point of distribution. Senior secured products include cash flow multiple, structured finance (asset-based stretch) and asset-based loans. MFC also offer complementary one-stop mezzanine financing as well as select equity co-investments and private equity fund investments.
MH Equity Investors
Offices: Indianapolis, Indianapolis
MH Equity Investors, a large private equity fund, was formed in August 2005 and since its inception has invested approximately $600 million in the equity of its portfolio companies. MH Equity Investors focuses on mid-market companies, with strong management teams and leading market shares. The MH Equity team has substantial operating experience and joins with management to promote the organic and acquisition-orientated growth of its portfolio companies.


Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Offices: Austin, Texas
Michael and Susan Dell established the foundation in 1999. The gift was inspired by their passion for supporting children’s causes as a way to make an even greater difference in a measurable way, particularly for those children living in urban poverty. The foundation initially focused on improving education and children’s health in Central Texas; but their mission soon expanded to reach children globally.
Micron Ventures
Offices: Boise, Idaho
The primary objective of Micron Ventures is to assist Micron Technology in supporting the long-term needs of its customers in the communications, automotive, medical, computing, and consumer electronics markets. As a key component of Micron’s innovation strategy, early stage equity investments provide Micron with access to technologies, markets, applications and key innovators influencing the semiconductor space.
Mid-America Angels (MAA)
Offices: Lenexa-Lawrence, Kansas
Founded in 2006, Mid-America Angels is a regional network of accredited investors dedicated to identifying and funding the most promising early stage companies in their region. The MAA network provides the structure to aggregate the knowledge, experience, and investment capital of its membership. This approach provides an effective and efficient process both for investors to evaluate opportunities and for entrepreneurs who are seeking funding.
Mid-Atlantic Angel Group (MAG)
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Mid-Atlantic Angel Group was created to bridge the gap between angel funding and institutional venture capital funding serving the Greater Philadelphia Region. This member-managed fund provides its investors with an opportunity for active involvement in diversified venture capital investments throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central and Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.
Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds
Offices: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania & Reston, Virginia
Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds are four private venture capital partnerships (the first two were called NEPA Venture Funds) with approximately $200 million under management. Their primary investment interest is in purchasing the equity securities of new, young or growing businesses located in the Mid-Atlantic, although they can invest elsewhere, and have. Their investment capital has been provided by approximately 75 leading institutions and individuals.

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MidCoast Capital
Offices: Radnor, Pennsylvania
MidCoast Capital is a merchant bank. They operate as investors, as originators of investment opportunities for wealthy families and institutions, and as advisors to companies. MidCoast seeks investments in and purchase: middle-market buyouts; recapitalizations; and, established companies with exceptional growth potential. They also purchase secondary interests in a wide range of private equity funds and secondary interests in middle-market operating companies.
Middlebury Equity Partners
Offices: Hisdale, New Hampshire
Middlebury Equity Partners is a private equity firm founded in 1996 to finance small to mid-cap companies experiencing key events in their life cycle. The fund invests in a wide variety of industries and provides capital for expansion, recapitalizations and buyouts. Middlebury’s central investment philosophy is to create strong working partnerships with the management of its portfolio companies.
Mid Europa Partners
Offices: Budapest, Hungary
Mid Europa Partners invests in businesses based in or with significant exposure to Central & Eastern Europe, with a focus on the new European Union member states and the EU accession candidate countries. Collectively, the Mid Europa team has experience executing deals in every major market of Central and Eastern Europe. They are positioned to take advantage of investment opportunities in the region.
Mid Oaks Investments
Offices: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Mid Oaks Investments is a private investment firm with a 18-year history of investing its principals’ capital in private equity investment opportunities in operating businesses. Their investments include manufacturers of industrial carbon products, plastic bottles and containers, building materials, and soil modification and erosion control products. These businesses sell products into the steel, food, construction, lawn and garden and semiconductor markets.
MidOcean Capital
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
MidOcean Capital manages approximately $3 billion of private equity assets invested in over 100 portfolio companies. MidOcean was formed in February 2003 by the managers of DB Capital Partners, Deutsche Bank's private equity group, to acquire Deutsche Bank's late stage private equity investments in the United States and Europe. MidOcean's team of more than 20 seasoned investment professionals brings a unique set of resources.

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Midwest Mezzanine
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
With over $450 million in junior capital invested in over 70 companies across North America, their mindset is anything but provincial. Since its inception in 1992, Midwest Mezzanine has partnered with private equity sponsors, fund-less sponsors, and management teams by providing junior capitl to the lower-end of the middle-market.
Midwest Venture Alliance (MVA)
Offices: Wichita, Kansas
The Midwest Venture Alliance is a membership organization of accredited private investors committed to investing in high-growth seed and early-stage technology companies in Kansas and surrounding states. The purpose of the alliance is to help promote early-stage equity investing and to provide entrepreneurs and investors an effective, centralized forum to collaborate.
Midwest Venture Partners (MVP)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Midwest Venture Partners brings a unique combination of deep operating experience, domain expertise and venture track record to early-stage investing in the Midwest. Their model addresses the gap in early-stage capital in the region by investing in promising life sciences and technology companies and mentoring the entrepreneurs that lead them, many of whom have demonstrated skill, expertise and corporate acumen.
Offices: Munich, Germany
MIG is a venture capital company managed by experienced SME entrepreneurs. Their accumulated experience forms the basis of their competence and confidence which they are happy to share with their portfolio businesses. To date, MIG has helped to realize more than twenty excellent business ideas and brought entrepreneurial visions a step closer to reality. Maybe your idea will be the next one?
MILCOM Venture Partners
Offices: Winter Park, Florida
MILCOM Venture Partners is the leading venture capital firm focused on the intersection of the commercial and defense markets. MILCOM manages two venture capital funds: MILCOM Technologies, a seed-stage investment fund; and OnPointTechnologies, an early-stage venture capital fund. MILCOM has invested in fourteen companies in the communications, software and materials science sectors.