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Milestone Partners
Offices: St Davids, Pennsylvania
Milestone Partners is a lower middle market private equity firm that specializes in making control equity investments of $5 to $25 million in manufacturing, distribution and service companies with valuations of up to $100 million. Milestone's investments typically provide liquidity to shareholders of privately-owned businesses, facilitate the transition of ownership to key managers, and capitalize on growth opportunities while maintaining the legacy of the founders.
Milestone Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Milestone Ventures is a traditional venture capital partnership. They focus on early stage, enterprise Information Technology companies in the New York metropolitan area. The Fund targets companies that possess the nucleus of an exceptional management team, a compelling business model, and a large market opportunity. They also prefer opportunities that are not capital intensive i.e. require less than $5 million to achieve material profitability.
Milk Street Ventures
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Milk Street Ventures buys existing venture capital and private equity portfolios. As a secondary direct investor, they provide alternative liquidity solutions to independent funds and in-house investment programs. They are seasoned venture capitalists. The founding partners of Milk Street Ventures each have over 20 years of venture capital experience and have successfully worked together as partners for the better part of two decades.
Millennium Technology Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Millennium Technology Ventures has made a wide range of investments across a variety of technologies and stages of company development, ranging from early-stage ventures to post-public PIPEs. Recently, the fund has been focused on working with corporate partners and other potential sellers to assist in the process of divesting, winding-down, re-balancing, and managing their portfolios of venture capital assets.


Minor Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
Minor Ventures is a venture capital firm that backs early-stage technology and media companies. The firm was founded in 2006 by CNET founder Halsey Minor. Investments include companies such as OpenDNS, Scout Labs, Inc., Minor Studios, Paxfire and GrandCentral (acquired by Google).
Mint Capital
Offices: Moscow, Russia
As a response to Russia's recovery from the crisis of 1998, Mint Capital was founded in Moscow in 2000 to make private equity investments in entrepreneurial companies in Russia and the CIS. Mint Capital focuses on making expansion stage investments in rapidly growing companies that generally have positive operating cash flow and annual revenue of USD 10 - 100 million at the time of investment.
Mirae Asset Capital
Offices: Seoul, Korea
Mirae Asset Capital is the founding company of the Mirae Asset Financial Group. Established in 1997, they provide their clients with financial consulting and corporate financing services. They also invest in companies that will be the future growth engines of the Korean economy, such as those in the internet, multimedia and biotechnology spaces. Mirae Asset Venture Investment provides initial funding to promising startups, especially those in the knowledge-based financial infrastructure and high technology sectors.
Offices: Dorval, Quebec
Miralta has a 30+ year track record of investing significant pools of capital and returning 4X capital to investors. Miralta has consistently generated internal rates of return in excess of 22% for investors by focusing on attractive technology driven business opportunities and providing crucial “hands-on” guidance to management teams of portfolio companies.
Miramar Venture Partners
Offices: Corona del Mar-Del Mar, California
Miramar Venture Partners is a $81 million venture fund that is focused on early and expansion stage investing in information technology companies. They are interested particularly in emerging companies in Southern California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Their partners and many of their investors have deep roots in Southern California and share a common purpose of supporting entrepreneurism and technology development in the region.