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MissionPoint Capital Partners
Offices: Norwalk, Connecticut
MissionPoint Capital Partners is capitalizing on high-growth investment opportunities created by the accelerating demand for clean, secure energy and the large-scale transition to a low-carbon global economy. They leverage disciplined research, origination and execution capabilities to create a diversified portfolio of high quality investments within the clean energy and environmental finance sectors.
Mission Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California
Mission Ventures has a simple investment strategy: 1) Invest in rapidly emerging markets that reflect and leverage their team's experience, and 2) Leverage their affiliate investors, their extensive professional networks, and the substantial support from the local business communities in the region, both before and after investments are made. Southern California has quickly evolved into one of the world's hotbeds of high growth entrepreneurial activity.
Mistral Equity Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Mistral Equity Partners is a private equity firm comprised of highly experienced investment professionals and seasoned industry executives. The firm specializes in the consumer and media sectors, and is especially attracted to businesses that are supported by strong demographic trends and fundamental changes in consumer preferences. Their principals have a long history of working together and identifying successful investment opportunities with these characteristics.
Mithra Group
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Founded in 2004, Mithra Group focuses on life science investing opportunities in the United States and India. Mithra Group recently raised its first fund of $100M. Their investment strategy is predicated on the belief that in the same way that there is no blueprint for how a company builds value, there is also no single formula for the role of an investor in helping it to do so. They bring the creativity to tailor the size and structure of their investment to the needs of the particular opportunity.
Mitsui Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Mitsui Ventures is a provider of early stage venture capital for various types of technology firms with a special expertise in helping to build their businesses globally. Mitsui Ventures is the venture investment arm of Mitsui & Co. They are a global venture capital group, actively investing through two subsidiaries, MVC and MCVP.


MK Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
MK Capital is a venture capital firm making investments in technology and outsourcing companies providing solutions that dramatically enhance business efficiency or effectiveness. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs build great companies that fundamentally improve business efficiency and effectiveness and, as a result, have a strategic impact on the way businesses operate. They strive to add value to their portfolio companies beyond just contributing capital.
MMC Ventures
Offices: London, England
MMC Ventures invests in fast-growing companies through managed funds and a syndicate of experienced private investors. MMC works in partnership with management and offer more than just money. They accelerate growth through operational, financial and strategic advice, and by leveraging the mentor capital of their investor base.
MML Capital Partners
Offices: Stamford, Connecticut
MML Capital Partners is an independent investment firm, with over twenty years of history, focused on providing capital to businesses for expansion/acquisitions, management-led equity deals, recapitalizations and buy-outs They provide an alternative to conventional private equity by structuring investments using many levels of capital from equity through to mezzanine.
Mobile Internet Capital
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
Mobile Internet Capital is a venture capital company created specifically to take advantage of opportunities in this new environment. They focus on wireless and/or internet-related technologies and services in the Japanese market. Established by 3 major Japanese corporations, they combine expertise in technology-assessment with access to an unrivalled network of blue-chip corporations eager to work closely with entrepreneurs.
Mobility Ventures
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Mobility Ventures was founded by serial entrepreneur and investor Wu-Fu Chen and wireless industry pioneer Roman Kikta as the next generation venture capital fund to Genesis Campus. Mobility Ventures is a different kind of venture capital firm—shaping and creating industry leaders by serving the entrepreneur. They are entrepreneurs and have extensive backgrounds within the communications industry, and with wireless and information technologies.