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Aberdare Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
The Aberdare Ventures team are experienced venture investors and operators of healthcare technology companies. Their investment focus is driven by their years of experience growing biopharmaceutical product companies and therapeutic medical device companies. They have plenty of experience leading early-stage investments, but they are comfortable co-investing as well. Aberdare is willing to participate in financings as small as $1 million.
Abingworth Management
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Abingworth is a long-established venture capital firm specializing in unquoted and life science biomedical companies. Abingworth is active on both sides of the Atlantic and, in the past fifteen years, has backed more than 80 developing life science/medical businesses. The majority of these have gone on to public offerings or have merged or been acquired by leading companies in the industry.
Acacia Venture Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
Acacia Venture Partners specializes in solely in identifying and building leading service businesses in the healthcare industry. They firmly believe that industry focus is critical to creating long term value in healthcare. Acacia's team of venture capital professionals has been investing in healthcare since the early 1980's. They have developed a deep industry understanding and a robust network of contact in the healthcare industry.
Accelerated Technologies Partners (ATP)
Offices: Hackensack, New Jersey
Accelerated Technologies Partners is an investment partnership that focuses on medical devices and actively leverages a structured collaboration between world-leading physicians, experienced operational management and dedicated capital to produce superior returns and substantial clinical value. The ATP strategy supports the acceleration of product development and lowers market and execution risks.
Accuitive Medical Ventures (AMV)
Offices: Dululth, Georgia
Accuitive Medical Ventures is a venture capital firm in business to finance and help develop early and expansion stage medical device and technology companies. AMV has established relationships with some of the industry's leading institutions to offer emerging companies and investors the opportunity to work with AMV in building unique new businesses and long-term shareholder value.
Offices: The Netherlands
Aescap Venture is a new Venture Capital Company targeted at European biomedical companies. Their added value is based on best of breed investment managers. All with a proven track record and the ability to coach and stimulate entrepreneurs in the creation and growth of their companies. Their aim is to accelerate the creation of value in the companies they invest in.