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Venture Capital Journal
Offices: New York, New York
Venture Capital Journal, a Thomson Financial company, provides news and analysis of the private equity markets. They offer online and print subscriptions. Their site features editorial view points, deal reviews, VC profiles, portfolio profiles, LP profiles and data analysis.  The publisher covers US news, funds, international and transition activities.
VentureCapital Reporter
Offices: Los Angeles, California
When you are searching the Internet for venture capital and private equity news, you can find that here. VentureCapital Reporter is a source for venture capital, private equity and business entrepreneurs news. Every day, the VentureCapital Reporter website delivers news to your desktop, in-depth reports and interviews with industry leaders and venture capitalists.
Offices: Menlo Park, California
VentureCapitalReporter is a leading source for Venture Capital, Private Equity and Business Entrepreneurs news.VentureDeal is an online database that gives subscribers the latest information about technology-related venture capital transactions and dealmakers in the United States and Israel. The VentureDeal database offers access to thousands of venture capital transactions, venture firms, individual contact information and technology start-ups, with deal information dating to January 1, 2003.
Offices: San Francisco, California
VentureLoop connects. Their products and services connect growth companies, talent, entrepreneurs and resources. They create long-term relationships with venture capital firms, entrepreneurial individuals and service providers to develop a valuable pool of relationship capital for their venture-backed customers.

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Offices: San Francisco, California
VentureOne is a leading venture capital research firm, offers investors, service providers, and entrepreneurs the most comprehensive, accurate, and timely information on the venture capital industry. VentureOne's products and services help venture capital firms, corporate investors, investment banks, and accounting and law firms identify private investment opportunities, perform due diligence, and evaluate market trends.
Offices: New York, New York
VentureReporter is produced by Rising Tide Studios (RTS), a New York-based integrated media company that produces business-to-business intelligence online, in print, and in person. RTS publishes two print magazines: Silicon Alley Reporter, and Digital Coast Reporter, and produces five online publications: Silicon Alley Daily, Digital Coast Daily, iHealthcareWeekly, Digital Music Weekly, and Wireless Reporter.
Offices: New York, New York
VentureSource it the most accurate, comprehensive, and timely database of focused research on the venture capital industry. VentureSource gives you valuation and financial information you can't get anywhere else. If they're in VentureSource. It's the ultimate networking tool. Accurate, timely information on thousands of investors and their activity gives you a competitive edge. Following investment trends is easy with VentureSource's customizable reports.
Offices: New York, New York
VentureWire is the premier source of news, networking, and information about private technology companies, VC firms, and the people that manage and finance them. Their flagship publication, VentureWire Professional, delivers the most comprehensive daily news about venture-backed companies, VC firms, and acquisitions and CEO- and board-level personnel changes at venture-backed firms. The firm also sponsors VentureWire Events and industry's premier conferences.