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Veritas Venture Partners
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
Veritas Venture Partners is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with a fast and discreet reply. They try to be responsive to what is often the entrepreneur's greatest need—a sensitive ear—before and after their investment is made. Established in 1990, Veritas is one of Israel's most seasoned venture capital firms. Their principals have gained unparalleled experience in the technology investment cycle, having provided early-stage financing.
Vertex Venture Capital
Offices: Savyon, Israel;
Vertex Venture Capital is a leading player in the international venture capital arena. This unique Israeli-European VC spans the continents to the benefit of investors and portfolio companies. Vertex funds invest in the most promising and innovative hi-tech companies and emerging industries. As part of the Singapore-based International Vertex Group, Vertex Venture Capital has established a global network of business relationships and strategic partners.
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel
Vitalife Life Sciences Fund has put together a team of investment and medical experts whose primary interest is in finding suitable life science investment opportunities that meet the strict parameters for potential success. At Vitalife, the philosophy is that a focused fund has a greater chance of success for both investor and entrepreneur—a focused fund operated by experts in the field, offers even greater potential.


Walden Israel
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
Walden Israel is one of the first Israeli venture capital funds dedicated to investing in early-stage start-ups. Their team comprises experienced entrepreneurs and their international affiliation spans twenty-five years of experience in building four hundred early-stage companies. With over $185 million under management, Walden Israel concentrates investments in: enterprise software and e/c-commerce technology; communication, Internet infrastructure and healthcare.


Xenia Venture Capital
Offices: Kiryat Gat, Israel
Xenia Venture Capital is an investment firm founded in mid 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs with the vision of being an incubation powerhouse that will engage in the initiation and building of successful high-tech companies in the areas of IT and medical devices. Xenia is committed to provide portfolio companies with top-notch mentoring, business and strategic counseling, fund raising assistance and exit planning.