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CAG Investments
Offices: Austin, Texas
CAG Investments was founded in 2008 with the strategy of investing in, acquiring, and growing a portfolio of technology-based software and service solutions companies. CAG has assembled a highly capable and proven management team with decades of experience and success in investments, mergers and acquisitions, integrations, financing transactions, operations, turnarounds, and divestitures.
California Technology Ventures
Offices: Pasadena, California
California Technology Ventures helps emerging technology companies grow and thrive. Located near scientific, educational, entertainment, multi-media and creative centers, CTV is ideally placed to help new technology companies participate in the ideas and energy created by Southern California's dynamic confluence of science, education and media.
Cambrian Ventures
Offices: Mountain View, California
Cambrian Ventures is a unique technology research and venture capital firm. They understand entrepreneurs and technology: their partners, Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman, co-founded Junglee Corp., and are both PhD's in Computer Science. They love disruptive technologies and applications and typically get involved very early with such companies to help shape both the technology and the business.
Camelot Venture Group
Offices: Farmington Hills, Michigan
Camelot Venture Group is a private investment group owned by David Katzman, Steve Cicurel, Nicholas Pyett, and Jim McDonald that invest primarily in direct to consumer companies including online, catalog, retail, technology and financial services and sports management. Each of their partners brings a unique skill set and they collectively work as a team with their portfolio companies to achieve success.
Offices: Los Altos, California
CampVentures is a true seed-stage venture capital firm. They engage with great companies in their earliest stages of development. For such companies, they lead seed rounds on the order of $500K to $1.5M. Once invested, they work intensely with their companies to prepare them for their next rounds of financing, which are nearly universally led by top-tier venture capital firms.


Camros Capital
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Camros Capital is an early stage investment company. Camros Capital promotes the development of new and innovative technologies having the potential for commercial growth. Aside from financial investments, Camros Capital also helps their portfolio companies succeed by providing broad expertise in technologies and experience growing successful start-up companies.
Canaan Partners
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Canaan Partners invests more than money in a company—they invest their time, experience, knowledge, connections and team-oriented approach. They place tremendous value on creating working partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams who have the character and the drive to succeed. Prominent among Canaan's resources is the breadth of operating, managerial and financial experience.
Canoe Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Canoe Ventures is a company founded by the nation's leading cable operators including Bright House Networks, Cablevision Systems Corporation, Charter Communications, Comcast Corporation, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. The company is focused on making cable's advanced advertising solutions easier to buy, use and measure.
Canopy Ventures
Offices: Lindon, Utah
Canopy Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm targeting information technology companies in the western United States. Their primary areas of focus include enterprise software, IP video technologies, networking and communications, security software, WI-FI broadcasting, IT hosting and software as a service.
Capital Midwest Fund
Offices: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Capital Midwest Fund invests primarily on investments where companies have excellent management and technology, are performing an important function, and will address significant markets. They look for management with successful previous experience; markets that are established and growing; defensible IP positions; and sustainable competitive advantages.

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Capital Trust Ventures
Offices: Washington, DC
Capital Trust Ventures provides growth-stage venture capital financing for information technology companies. Their approach is to invest in high-growth businesses, help them achieve scale, and exit successfully. Their experienced team of partners has extensive investing and entrepreneurial experience in multiple sectors including application software, emerging technologies, vertical software, new media, internet content, e-commerce, and infrastructure software.
Cardinal Venture Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Cardinal Venture Capital fills the financing gap between angel investors and larger venture funds. They invest between $500,000 and $3 million initially, and typically co-invest with partners—including seed, early and late-stage funds, and corporate investors. They always reserve funds for future rounds. Cardinal Venture Capital specializes in three market areas—wireless communications, Internet infrastructure and enterprise software.
Cargill Ventures
Offices: San Mateo, California & Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cargill Ventures is a wholly-owned venture investment group of Cargill, a privately-held company with operations in 59 countries and revenues of approximately $50 billion. They invest in early stage technology companies that enable commerce, innovation, and efficiencies and help them to be a global leader in providing goods and services necessary for life, health and growth. In business over 135 years, Cargill is a globally respected business leader.
Carrot Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Carrot Capital prides itself in being a different kind of venture firm. Their portfolio companies are typically start-up companies that may not appeal to more traditional venture capital companies. They focus on seed and early-state investments—entrepreneurs or firms that have a great idea or product, regardless of their experience in starting up a new venture.
Castile Ventures
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts
Castile Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm providing financial backing and strategic guidance to help exceptional entrepreneurs build successful businesses founded on fundamental innovations in technology. Castile seeks out entrepreneurial teams applying fundamental innovations in communications, software and IT infrastructure to deliver breakthrough solutions for the CTO’s and CIO’s of large enterprises, IT vendors and service providers.