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-Draper- (cont.)

Draper Fisher Jurvetson Portage (DFJ Portage)
Offices: New York, New York
DFJ Portage Ventures is one of the leading private equity companies bring early-stage venture capital to high net worth families and individuals. Since 1979, management has backed nearly 70 businesses across a broad array of industries. Leveraging the DFJ national network, Portage's management provides a reservoir of knowledge and a network of contacts to both its portfolio companies and affiliated network funds.
Draper Richards
Offices: San Francisco, California
Draper Richards invests in early-stage companies, typically in a company's first round of financing. They will make follow-on investments. The majority of their portfolio is in information technology and telecommunications companies. They believe that information technology- comprised of software, communications, Internet, and high value-added electronic components- is the best place to find large, fast growing markets in which new companies can thrive.
Draper Triangle Ventures
Offices: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Draper Triangle Ventures is a premier source of funding for high-technology start-up companies in the Pennsylvania and Ohio region. As the Midwest-based fund of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, the leader in seed and early-stage venture capital, they offer entrepreneurs and investors a host of benefits unrivaled in the industry. In the majority of cases, Draper Triangle will be the lead investor for a company's first round of financing.
Dreamit Ventures
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
DreamIt was designed to be the startup accelerator program the partners wish existed when they started and sold their first companies. Startups need a community of fellow entrepreneurs to share ideas and inspiration, technologists to join their team, mentors and coaches who have struggled on their way to a big success, legal and accounting services that don't cost precious cash, and opportunities to meet and pitch angel investors and venture capitalists.


Duchossios Technology Partners (DTEC)
Offices: Elmhurst, Illinois
Duchossois Technology Partners is a leading Midwest venture capital firm. DTEC is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build successful enterprises and focuses on early-stage investments in networking, semiconductors, and software. DTEC invests in companies with experienced management teams, compelling technology, and large market opportunities. They partner with management teams and are actively involved with their portfolio companies.
Dundee Venture Capital (DVC)
Offices: Omaha, Nebraska
Dundee Venture Capital invests $10,000 – 500,000 in growth companies with an ecommerce and web services focus. They invest in companies all over the country, whether you’re in Boulder, New York or right here in Omaha. Why ecommerce? They understand it. DVC has built these types of businesses. Instead of investing in a restaurant or bar, they stick to what we know best. With all of the challenges and untapped horizons, ecommerce businesses excite them.
DuPont Ventures
Offices: Wilmington, Delaware
DuPont Ventures enhances the success of entrepreneurial companies, while creating unique growth opportunities for DuPont. Their portfolio companies benefit because technology is developed faster, sales are achieved sooner, and additional investors are more easily secured. DuPont’s involvement enhances valuations and accelerates the time to a liquidity event. They invest up to $3 million per round.
DynaFund Ventures
Offices: Torrance, California
DyanFund Ventures invests in communications & networking, electronics & photonics, infrastructure software, and process technology. DynaFund typically invests in the range of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 during each financing round, usually as the lead or co-lead investor. They also participate in subsequent funding rounds for their companies. In addition, they have excellent ties to other venture capital firms and investors.