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Early Stage Partners (ESP)
Offices: Cleveland, Ohio
Early Stage Partners was formed in 2001 with the belief that Northeast Ohio, Ohio, and the Midwest could and would create and attract a significant number of early stage technology companies that would be attractive venture capital investment opportunities. This belief was partly predicated on trends in economics and technology. They began raising capital in 2001 in the depths of a venture capital industry depression.
Easton Capital Investment Group
Offices: New York-Buffalo, New York & Miami, Florida
Easton Capital Investment Group manages approximately $140 million on behalf of a number of significant institutional investors in its two funds, Easton Hunt Capital Partners and Easton Hunt New York. Easton makes investments ranging in size from $2 million to $7.5 million and has strategic co-investment relationships with many of its institutional investors which allow it to participate in larger initial and follow-on rounds of funding.
Eastward Capital Partners
Offices: West Newton, Massachusetts
Eastward Capital Partners is a leading East Coast venture debt source. Through its regional focus and longstanding relationships, Eastward specializes in working with venture capital firms to provide their portfolio companies with equity-sensitive financing solutions. Eastward seeks to maximize its competitive process advantage in sourcing and targeting investments by partnering with top tier and emerging venture capital firms.
EDF Ventures
Offices: Ann Arbor, Michigan
EDF Ventures® is a venture capital firm with $150 million of private equity investments under management. Since forming its first fund in 1987, EDF Ventures has played a leadership role in providing venture capital to emerging technology companies in the Midwest with investments in more than 30 companies to date. Many of EDF’s investments have been in companies which EDF co-founded by identifying technologies in the region’s leading universities and research institutions.
Edison Venture Fund
Offices: Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Edison Venture Fund invests in expansion stage ($5 to 20 million revenue) information technology companies located in the New York City to Virginia corridor. They invest $3 to 5 million initially and usually are the sole or lead investor. Edison seeks companies that have the capability to lead emerging markets. Over the past 16 years, Edison's portfolio companies have created market capitalization surpassing $5 billion.