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Fairhaven Capital Partners
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fairhaven Capital Partners was formed by the Managing Directors of TD Capital Ventures, which they founded in 2001. The Managing Directors' market knowledge coupled with relevant operating and entrepreneurial experiences have attracted entrepreneurs to seek funding from Fairhaven Capital. They are proud of their investments in early stage companies, which are leaders in consumer, enterprise and information security markets.
Farwell Capital
Offices: La Jolla, California
Farwell Capital invests in ventures formed by it or by related investors or entrepreneurs. The company also considers investments in start-up and early stage companies as well as publicly traded micro-cap equities whose businesses involve rich Internet applications, information services, wireless applications, specialized e-commerce, and interactive media. Farwell Capital does not generally consider investments outside its core area of interest.
FBR Technology Ventures
Offices: Arlington, Virginia
FBR has significant experience with all phases of early-stage business investment: assessing, structuring, managing and realizing value from startup companies. Since 1997, FBR has been helping entrepreneurs build market-leading companies and providing investors access to early-stage venture capital investing opportunities. Through its five venture capital funds, FBR has made investments in 64 companies.
Felicis Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
Felicis Ventures combines angel investing, active mentoring and advisory services to offer a more beneficial approach for the entrepreneur. Their focus is mainly on early stage, consumer internet start-ups. While majority of their investments are in Silicon Valley and the East Coast of the US, talented entrepreneurs from any country are welcome.
ff Venture Capital
Offices: New York, New York
ff Venture Capital partners with startups that can be the low cost, disruptive player in their respective industry. With the right management team and adequate financing, our companies can grow to become tomorrow's leaders. Their goal is to build great companies and generate significant returns for their partners: management teams and investors alike.
Offices: Santa Monica, California
Finaventures focuses on early and mid-stage technology ventures, specifically semiconductors, components, software, systems and emerging technologies. Opportunities need to address a large US market and have a strong European component to their international strategy. Their management team works closely with founders and entrepreneurs, and brings significant value-added between which is their extensive network and their operational experience.