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I2A Fund
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
I2A Fund is a seed/early stage venture capital fund focused on catalyzing and partnering with the next wave of successful entrepreneurial companies in the Illinois region. I2A was co-founded and launched by many of Chicago’s most prominent business leaders and entities. These leaders of their respective industries have not only invested in I2A but also are committed to helping I2A’s portfolio companies with their collective expertise and networks.
IA Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
IA Ventures invests in early-stage companies developing breakthrough tools and technologies for managing and extracting value from big data. IA Ventures was founded on the belief that managing and extracting value from massive, occasionally unstructured, often real-time data sets is a competitive advantage. They believe many factors, including commodity clusters, cloud platforms, and advanced statistical algorithms.
IBM Venture Capital Group
Offices: White Plains, New York
Each year, IBM explores and pursues new areas of opportunity that offer clear value to the marketplace. The idea is that these innovation solutions will drive and fulfill ever-advancing customer and market needs. This is not business as usual. It's about innovations that matter, well beyond new products. Today, they seek to nurture innovations that harness and extend technology to the farther reaches of collaboration.
Offices: Pasadena, California
idealab seeks to turn innovative ideas into successful technology businesses. Founded in 1996, Idealab has developed and evolved a process for maximizing the potential of its new businesses. Once an idea is prototyped, the group shares with its operating companies its market-tested knowledge, operational support and strategic guidance. Today, they are focused on creating technology businesses based on proprietary technologies.


IDG Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
IDG Ventures is a global network of venture capital funds with approximately $600m under management and a portfolio of over 100 companies built over the last 10 years. Operating in Europe, North America and Asia, they make investments on behalf of their limited partner, International Data Group (IDG), the world's largest IT media company.
IDT Ventures
Offices: Newark, New Jersey
IDT Ventures works with early and expansion stage companies, providing various services and resources to help them grow. They assist companies with identifying and meeting the right investors and strategic partners and provide other business development and strategic services, utilizing their own and IDT’s global resources.
Offices: Newark, New Jersey
IgniteIP is a private equity firm focused on the placement and monetization of intellectual property (IP) directly into industry. They invest in and manage all aspects of the commercialization of IP. They bring the capital, business management, technical expertise and market access required to align truly valuable IP with the most urgent needs of global markets.
Ignition Partners
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
Ignition Partners is a premier venture capital firm focused on early stage computing, network infrastructure and telecommunications startups in the Western United States. Ignition brings together an unparalleled combination of domain focus, technical expertise and operational experience. Ignition's partners are proven business leaders with more than 160 years of combined experience, who have built some of the world's most successful businesses of the last two decades.
iHatch Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
i-Hatch Ventures provides experienced capital to early-stage technology ventures, primarily in the mobile and broadband sectors. Their approach is to match experienced practitioners with the founding teams of technology ventures, inject capital, and provide hands-on support from the i-Hatch. They focus on early-stage technology ventures in key industry categories: mobile data services, communications, enabling technology and broadband.


Illinois Innovation Accelerator Fund (i2a)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
The Illinois Innovation Accelerator Fund is an innovative $10 million for-profit early-stage investment fund created in direct response to the decrease in seed-stage investing that's occurred since the turn of the new millennium. i2a's goal is to provide the first external professional capital raised by companies, allowing them to grow and allowing the fund members to capitalize on high-growth opportunities.
Illinois Ventures
Offices: Chicago-Champaign, Illinois
Illinois Ventures emphasizes development of companies with technology that represents quantum change primarily in the areas of engineering, information technology, and life sciences. They are particularly inclined to focus on companies that have potential to generate commercial results within a three- to five-year timeframe and for which early market validation is less expensively and more readily obtained.
Illuminate Ventures
Offices: Oakland, California
Illuminate Ventures is different—they don’t rely on “pattern recognition” or following the herd. Illuminate seeks new and innovative business ideas led by committed, talented and diverse teams, particularly those that are inclusive of women entrepreneurs. They recognize that great investment opportunities come in a variety of packages—sometimes looking a bit different from the norm.
Imlay Investments
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Imlay Investments, a venture capital firm founded by John P. Imlay, Jr., former Chairman of Dun and Bradstreet Software, was developed to encourage the development of high technology companies based in the Southeastern United States. Imlay Investments' portfolio includes such dynamic companies as Synchrologic, Internet Security Systems, eQuorum, 180Commerce, Revenue Technologies and Knowlagent.
Impact Venture Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Impact Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital firm. They are a team of company builders that believes that pursuing one's goals is the most satisfying expression of human talent. They seek to join entrepreneurs who share in this belief and in their passion for innovation, opportunity and accomplishment. They emphasize collaboration with entrepreneurs and devoting themselves to the success of their companies.