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JAFCO Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Waltham, Massachusetts
JAFCO is a leading global venture capital firm that has been ranked in the Top Ten Listings of such publications as Forbes and Red Herring for 1999 and 2000. They are focused on a balanced investment strategy across all segments of the IT sector. With over $750 million under management, and over 155 years experience in private equity investing, entrepreneurialism and operations, JAFCO Ventures is a leading global venture capital firm.
Jarvinian Venture Fund
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
The Jarvinian Venture Fund has been established to seek opportunity in this wholly new Information Technology revolution, whose size and scope dwarfs that of its most heralded predecessors. Spanning the Core Infrastructure, Advanced Components, and Enabled Media sectors, Jarvinian's IT Mobility Initiative represents one of the private equity industry’s most focused and ambitious efforts to finance disruptive innovation in young technology-driven companies.
JatoTech Ventures
Offices: Austin, Texas
At JatoTech Ventures, they are focused on helping talented entrepreneurs build great technology companies. This mission drives them and everything they do, from how they organize their firm to their investment strategy. Their strength is their team. They have three principals plus their affiliates who bring their experience and expertise together to help their portfolio companies succeed.
Javelin Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
Javelin Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital firm specializing in technology based start-ups that leverage key innovations to create scalable, high-growth companies. Javelin Venture Partners' investment professionals are proven new-technology entrepreneurs with the ability to identify exceptional businesses and management teams, and help them achieve great success.
JK&B Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
JK&B Capital is a venture capital firm focused in the software, IT and communications markets with over $1.1 billion of capital under management. Founded in 1996, JK&B has built a track record of generating exceptional returns for investors by identifying and investing in companies with technologies which have been critical to the growth of the world’s information economy.
JMI Equity
Offices: San Diego, California & Baltimore, Maryland
John J. Moores, the founder and former Chairman of BMC Software, founded JMI in 1992. John's vision was to bring together a small group of professionals with complementary skills to invest in software and services segments of the technology industry. They closed their fourth fund in September 1999, bringing their total capital under management to approximately $400 million.
Offices: Santa Clara, California & Bangalore, India
JumpStartUp focuses on investments in the software, semiconductor, services and communications sectors. Their investment strategy is to invest in companies that address large under-serviced opportunities in capital efficient and innovative ways. The portfolio companies of JumpStartUp benefit immensely from its understanding of very young cross-border companies and its deep relationships with leading US venture capital firms.