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K9 Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California
K9 Ventures is a true “early stage” venture fund that provides funding and support for concept-stage and seed-stage technology companies. They work with entrepreneurs to help evaluate, evolve and fund a company in its nascent stages. K9 Ventures focuses on startups in the San Francisco Bay Area that have a strong entrepreneur/team, an idea that has a clear path to revenue, which can be capital efficient and where we can add value.
Kansas Venture Capital
Offices: Leawood, Kansas
Kansas Venture Capital is a licensed Small Business Investment Company that provides equity and mezzanine capital primarily to small and middle market midwestern companies having potential for substantial growth and long-term equity appreciation. They have funding capacity of approximately $50 million consisting of $13 million in equity and $37 million in SBIC leveraged capital availability.
Katalyst Venture Partners
Offices: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Katalyst Venture Partners is an early-stage technology fund raised in the summer of 2000. Its limited partners include Comcast Interactive, GE Capital, Mellon Ventures, Liberty Media Corporation, Apax, Cox Communications and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This fund is fully invested. In December 2002, Katalyst merged its investment arm with New World Ventures, a venture firm with a focus on early-stage technology and telecommunications companies.
KB Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
KB Partners was established in 1996 to make investments in early-stage technology companies in the Midwest. KB's objective is to build dominant new enterprises by working in partnership with talented entrepreneurs and experienced managers. KB Partners manages two venture funds totaling in excess of $95 million. The firm's investors include high net worth individuals, investment companies and institutions with which KB has established relationships.


Kennet Partners
Offices: Foster City, California & London, England
Kennet Partners invests in European and North American businesses with real customers and strong revenue growth. They like businesses that have identified a way to break out of traditional markets. Sectors Kennet invest in include technology-enabled business services, digital media, e-commerce, consumer Internet, enterprise software, telecoms software and infrastructure, semiconductors and IT services.
Kepha Partners
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts
As more and more venture capital is raised, many firms are pursuing new strategies and models. Some have become venture bankers. Kepha has a back-to-basics approach focused on pre-seed, seed and Series A companies. They call this venture building, and it is what created the venture industry in the first place. It is the foundation, or rock, of venture capital. They seek entrepreneurs who have disruptive ideas and know that they can do it better.
KeyNote Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California
KeyNote Ventures have over 40 years of cumulative experience in venture capital investing and close to 70 years of substantial operating background at senior executive levels in each of the industries within KeyNote's investment focus. Their strategy has been and will continue to be investing primarily as a lead investor in syndications with other top tier venture capital firms. The provide entrepreneurs funding, but also a network of people and resources.
Key Venture Partners (KVP)
Offices: San Francisco, California
Key Venture Partners invests $3-10 million in companies in the fields of software, communications and information technology. KVP and is a venture capital group of Key Principal Partners (KPP), a $1 billion private equity firm. KVP looks companies that serve proven markets with products already generating a revenue stream, demonstrate sustainable competitive differentiation, and provide an immediate tangible value proposition to customers.