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Offices: San Francisco, California
Najdorf’s investment team has extensive experience in the corporate enterprise space, so naturally they look for firms whose product offerings appeal to the Fortune 500 customer segment. That does not mean that they won’t look firms from other industries; indeed, the past couple of years have witnessed increasing corporate adoption of consumer technologies. Najdorf just want to be sure that they can facilitate key client wins and critical partnership alliances.
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Zurich, Switzerland
NanoDimension was started with the goal of building a team of truly skilled scientists, investors and entrepreneurs to invest in and to support the growth and commercialization of nanotechnology. They believe that nanotechnology has become a reality and has started to impact a broad range of industries. NanoDimension is a team of passionate techies who are not afraid of hard work.
Nauta Capital
Offices: Barcelona, Spain & Waltham, Massachusetts
Nauta leverages the professional experience of its management team-which includes consulting and execution of projects in the telecommunications and technology fields at a world class level and direct involvement in the management and board of technological and consumer electronic firm-in its rigorous, yet efficient investment selection and its commitment to add value to portfolio companies.
Navigator Technology Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Navigator Technology Ventures is much more than a venture fund. They usually lead or co-lead their first round of investment. In addition to starting and investing in early-stage ventures, they understand and manage the critical path to validating the viability of a commercial concept. They take an active role and board seat in embryonic companies and provide the company founders with the services and advocacy that they need to accelerate the establishment of value.
Offices: Durham, North Carolina
Young North Carolina-based companies often need financing to help get them off the ground or over a hump. Ventures is a private equity firm founded by successful entrepreneurs. NC IDEA addresses these types of needs by providing traditional venture funding as well as grants and loans to help companies from seed funding and Series A financing through an exit event. They also offer strong, strategic partnerships and alliances to assist entrepreneurs.
NCT Ventures
Offices: Westerville, Ohio
NCT Ventures is a private equity firm founded by successful entrepreneurs. Their passion is investing in and working with people who are creating unique, scalable solutions with significant value propositions for their end users. As serial entrepreneurs themselves they get excited about sharing their experiences, their methods and their time through hands-on operational support in an effort to maximize the value of your business venture.