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Pacifica Fund
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Pacific Fund is a Silicon Valley venture fund specializing in early investments in select, emerging information technology and materials science companies. They help bridge the funding gap—the hard-to-find $1 to $5 million required by many small companies—with investments of "mentor capital", an approach that supplies capital, strategic and operational advice from their team, as well as access to connections in the US and Asia.
Pacific Community Ventures (PCV)
Offices: San Francisco, California
Pacific Community Ventures Investment Partners invests in high potential companies across diverse industries, with a particular focus on the following sectors: food distribution and services; value-added manufacturing; and, consumer and business services. They commit $1 to $3 million to businesses with at least $5 million in revenues, a clear path towards growth and increased profitability, and a strong management team.
Pacific Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
Pacific Partners' Network Partners include accessible technology and business executives, experienced venture and angel investors, and reputable institutional investors who offer superior information and contacts that will help their funded partners scale rapidly and achieve greater success. Pacific Partners invests in software and technology-enabled service businesses.  Investors include George Soros and Sam Zell.
Palisades Ventures
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Palisades Ventures is a Los Angeles-based VC fund making growth stage investments in systems, services, software, and hardware companies that are driving the adoption of leading edge IT, communications, and media technologies. They prefer to price deals and take a lead position with board participation. In certain situations, they will join syndicated financings with other leading venture capital firms.


Palm Beach Capital
Offices: Palm Beach, Florida
Palm Beach Capital (PBC) is a private equity investment firm which specialized in making investments in “small market” private companies (e.g. with a market value of $5 million to $100 million), with a geographic focus in South Florida. PBC is a $60 million private equity fund raised to capture opportunities in the marketplace. It is expected that PBC will make investments ranging from $3-6 million per investment.
Palo Alto Investors (PAI)
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Palo Alto Investors is a leading private investment firm. They make long-term investments for high-net-worth and institutional investors based on original, deep, fundamental research. With approximately $1.2 billion in assets under management, PAI offers a variety of investment products including diversified micro cap and small cap funds, as well as healthcare, energy and technology sector funds.
Palo Alto Venture Partners
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Palo Alto Venture Partners has been providing the investment capital, experience, selectivity and focus to the types of entrepreneurs and advances in information technology that build public market caliber companies. From their inception, and with more than $150M under management, their selective approach has produced outstanding results for their entrepreneurs, portfolio companies and their limited partners.
Palomar Ventures
Offices: Santa Monica, California
Palomar Ventures focuses on early stage information technology companies that demonstrate the potential for exceptional growth and market leadership. The founding principle of Palomar is teamwork; they work closely with portfolio companies to assist them in achieving their objectives. The partners at Palomar have contributed their energy, strategic insight, network of corporate relationships and recruiting skills to assist in building nearly 50 public companies.