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TA Associates
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
TA Associates is one of the largest and most experienced growth capital firms in its industry. They invest in private companies in exciting industries, with the goal of helping management teams build their businesses into great companies. Equipped with a $5 billion capital base and more than 30 years of experience, they offer their portfolio companies financial support, strategic guidance, and a significant network of contacts.
Tall Oaks Capital
Offices: Charlottesville, Virginia
Established in November of 2000, Tall Oaks has partnered with companies in the software, bio-tech and healthcare IT sectors. They continue to actively invest in new companies and to work with dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneurs in their region and beyond. Tall Oaks has co-invested with over forty other firms and is well positioned to lead an investment or participate in larger syndicates as appropriate.
Offices: Phoenix, Arizona & San Francisco-Sierra Madre, California
Tallwave invests time, intellectual capital and shared service resources in emerging web and technology companies with substantial growth potential and manageable risk. Tallwave's growing business consulting portfolio of Internet marketing and technology companies is leading the industry in growth and innovation. Their focus is on companies with substantial growth potential and manageable risk.
Tallwood Venture Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Tallwood Venture Capital is a venture capital firm focusing on semiconductors and semiconductor related technologies. Tallwood raised its first institutional fund of $180 million in 2002. Investors include Stanford University and Harvard University. Tallwood's practice is based on a deep understanding of markets, the impact technology will have on them and a hands-on, very active involvement post investment.
TAO Venture Partners
Offices: La Jolla, California
Tao Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital group specializing in company formation in the Software as a Service (SaaS), infrastructure and Internet content sectors. Tao provides management, strategic relationships and initial funding to transform ideas into institutionally funded companies. Investments include Paraccel, The Active Network, SoarSpace and ThreatStop.


Offices: Washington, DC
TDF was established in 1996 to help entrepreneurs with access to capital and consists of two organizations. TDF has a venture capital fund focused on making direct investments in promising entrepreneurs and companies focused on the communications sector. TDF has a separate non-profit organization that reaches out to potential and aspiring entrepreneurs and provides education and training in preparation for raising institutional capital for their company.
TechFarm Ventures
Offices: Mountain View, California
TechFarm Ventures provides private equity capital for innovative technologies that show clear promise of becoming leaders in large, transitioning markets. Since 2000 their objective has been to identify promising early-stage technology companies based upon a compelling core technology. They leverage management expertise, operational experience and an extensive industry network, to help these start-up and expansion-stage companies become industry-leading enterprises.
Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV)
Offices: Palo Alto, California; Lake Forest, Illinois; Milburn, New Jersey & New York, New York
TCV is a leading provider of growth capital to technology companies throughout their rapid growth phase. They employ a crossover investment model, which combines venture capital with public market investing and enables TCV to continue to invest in its portfolio companies at the IPO and beyond. TCV manages over $2.4 billion in assets. They have invested in over 130 companies and worked to achieve over 35 IPOs and 22 strategic sales or mergers.
Technology Partners
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Technology Partners teams with visionary entrepreneurs to build successful new companies.  They serve principally as a lead investor and business adviser to technology-based ventures in their focus areas of next generation enterprise software, energy technology, biotechnology and medical devices, in particular interventional cardiology and neuroscience. Technology Partners manages a total of more than $400 million of investment capital.
Techxas Ventures
Offices: Austin, Texas
Techxas believes the next great technology companies will be multidisciplinary from the foundation up. They thus target investment opportunities across the tech sectors, including information, life, molecular and energy sciences. Team members have extensive experience and proven expertise commercializing big disruptive ideas that have created significant value.