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UMC Capital
Offices: Sunnyvale, California
UMC Capital was established in February 2001 as the direct investment arm of world leading semiconductor foundry UMC. By leveraging the resources of UMC and its affiliates, UMC Capital is well positioned to deliver significant strategic values to startup companies. The mission/objectives of UMC Capital are: identifying innovative technologies, forming mutually productive relationships with entrepreneurs and exploring emerging  applications.
Union Square Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Union Square Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm. They invest in young companies that use information technology in innovative ways to create high growth business opportunities in the Media, Marketing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Healthcare industries. Over the past 17 years, they have been directly involved in the development of 40 companies and have, through their prior firms, participated in the launch of over 120 companies.
University Venture Fund
Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah
The University Venture Fund is an innovative fund, a collaborative effort of the best investors, university students and private equity funds. Students gain knowledge in a broad range of business practices and provide value added services to syndicate partners. It's a win win as investors garner superior returns and students gain an unparalleled educational experience.
Updata Partners
Offices: Reston, Virginia & Redbank, New Jersey
Updata partners is the venture capital and private equity affiliate of Updata Capital, a leading investment bank specializing in mergers and acquisitions for the IT industry. The professionals at Updata Partners have a highly successful history in industry operational roles and as investors in early stage technology companies. Their principal focus is on companies with revenues up to $50 million with accelerating revenue momentum.
UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund (SEP)
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
The Strategic Enterprise Fund is the private equity strategic investment arm of UPS. The fund is a corporate venture capital group that focuses on developing critical partnerships and acquiring knowledge returns from its investments in information technology companies and emerging market-spaces. The Fund invests in companies that are strategically relevant to UPS, and reflects the strong emphasis that UPS places on becoming the leadier in the transportation and logistics industry.
US Venture Partners (USVP)
Offices: Menlo Park, California
US Venture Partners has raised more than $2.5 billion in eight funds, including a $1 billion fund that closed in January 2001. To date, over $1.1 billion has been invested in more than 271 companies. USVP was the lead investor in many companies, such as Sun Microsystems, New Focus, Check Point Software Technologies, Nuance Communications, Blue Martini Software, AMCC, MMC Networks, Centillium Communications, Stratacom/Cisco, and CacheFlow.