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Valhalla Partners
Offices: Vienna, Virginia
Valhalla Partners was formed in early 2002 to bring together some of the most respected and successful venture investors in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their team has invested in or served as senior executives in over 100 companies during the last twenty years. To date, more than 60 of these have already experienced successful initial public offerings or successful mergers. Valhalla Partners is focused primarily on early-stage technology companies.
Valley Ventures
Offices: Scottsdale, Arizona
Valley Ventures is an institutionally funded venture capital partnership with $70 million under management. The general partner is a team of experienced venture capitalists and managers dedicated to the achievement of superior investment returns by investing in and assisting emerging growth companies in the greater Southwest. In addition to providing capital to growing companies, Valley Ventures assists management in strategic planning.
Vanguard Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Houston, Texas
Vanguard Ventures is a leading early stage venture capital firm that helps entrepreneurs build pioneering technology and life science companies. Each Vanguard partner brings hands-on entrepreneurial experience to the firm, as well as executive and venture capital backgrounds. Over the last 22 years, Vanguard Ventures has invested in over 115 companies, 30 of which have had notable success, including public companies.
VantagePoint Venture Partners
Offices: San Bruno, California & New York, New York
VantagePoint Venture Partners provides private investments in, and active assistance to information technology companies. They see their selves as a service firm, enhancing the capabilities of portfolio companies by accelerating time to market and increasing both the likelihood and results of success. The firm seeks investment opportunities that typically require $3-30 million in pre-IPO funding.


VCE Capital
Offices: Tuxedo Park, New York
VCE Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that invests opportunistically. They provide equity capital to early and expansion stage companies with proprietary technology platforms or unique products addressing large markets. The partners of VCE Capital Partners manage two investment funds: Louisiana Ventures and Themelios Venture Partners.
Vector Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Vector Capital believes that existing, growing companies can also be rich sources of momentum when they are properly funded and assisted. Vector is focused, funded, and organized around this singular insight. By concentrating its capital and its time on these few, highly select opportunities, Vector does not spread itself thinly across dozens of startups, but focuses its efforts to provide the resources that unlock a company's true potential.
Velocity Equity Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Velocity Equity Partners is a private venture capital firm investing in early stage growth companies primarily in the Northeast. Velocity’s mission is to create value by identifying and supporting outstanding entrepreneurs with unique innovations and a powerful drive to build market-leading companies. Velocity’s partners work with management teams to create premier companies in their field with the help of capital, expertise in building companies, and access to key networks.
Velocity Interactive Group
Offices: Palo Alto-Santa Monica, California
On the forefront of digital media and communications you'll find Velocity Interactive Group. Comprised of some of the most experienced and visionary investors, executives and entrepreneurs in digital media and communications, they bring human capital, in addition to financial capital, to their portfolio companies. They leverage their network of relationships, hands-on experience and knowledge in these sectors to help build and grow businesses.
Velocity Venture Group
Offices: Folsom, California
Velocity Venture Capital is an established firm that is well positioned to source, screen, invest, and add value to early-stage technology companies creating superior investment returns. They are experienced investment professionals working together as a team to source, capitalize, build and grow companies in active roles all the way to successful exits. Velocity has $25 million under management and has invested nearly $10 million in 13 companies.