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YAS Broadband Ventures
Offices: Andover, Massachusetts
YAS Broadband Ventures invests in US-based companies headed by visionary founders guiding product development poised for market release within three years. YAS Broadband's focus and experience in seed and first-round financing enables entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth and success of their firm and to develop the optimal profile of strong financial returns for their team.


Zelkova Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Zelkova Ventures is committed to helping talented entrepreneurs build incredible companies. Primarily they look to invest in early stage companies, many times pre-revenue. In many instances Zelkova provide a company's first outside/institutional capital. As former entrepreneurs, they understand the highs and lows of launching a new company. They look to take an active role and partner with the companies they invest in.
XG Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California
XG Ventures is a small group of ex-Googlers, who were early hires in strategic roles at Google. This group is now dedicated to advising and investing in supremely talented early stage teams. They learned a great deal at Google, including how its unique culture shaped a dynamic and fun enterprise. Together, with their complimentary expertise, their goal is to help successfully guide the start-up teams, in which they invest and advise, to the next stage.
Offices: Mountain View, California
Xuture provides start-up venture capital funding for seed stage, early stage and growth companies with a focus in the US technology sectors. They invest between $50 thousand and $50 million in exceptional companies. Average funding for startups is under $10 million. Based in Silicon Valley, innovation & leadership is their cornerstone business practice. At Xuture, they locate and attract seed & early stage capital and achieve best practices overall.


ZG Ventures
Offices: Washington, DC
ZG Ventures is a private venture capital investment firm with a focus aimed at small, high-tech companies. The firm also develops for-profit education ventures based on the innovative In2Books non-profit literacy program. ZG Ventures is led by former Time Warner board member Miles Gilburne, who has been a managing member since 2000.
Zon Capital Ventures
Offices: Princeton, New Jersey & Radnor, Pennsylvania
Zon Capital Partners is a private equity fund focused on direct investments of $1 to $2 million in expansion stage information and communication companies, primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, Connecticut through Northern Virginia. In specific circumstances the fund will make investments outside this region. The fund’s investments will build upon software, systems and communications networks.
Zone Ventures
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Zone Ventures is a partnership funded by institutional investors for the purpose of providing equity capital to young, high-growth companies, while achieving superior returns to its investors. Zone Ventures has been instrumental in building the Southern California technology community. They have built strong relationships with universities, R&D labs, entrepreneurs, and financial institutions.